Asia Pacific: AI & Data Centres

Since 1945, and the inception of ‘Data Centres’ with Eckert and Mauchley’s ENIAC computer, the industry has steadily evolved with the likes of IBM and Microsoft making considerable enhancements along the way.


Today, driven by the AI boom and increasing demand for digital infrastructure, global regions are in a race to upgrade data centre capacity.


Take Asia Pacific for example, with its thriving data centre market. This global leading region is poised for further growth this year, with investors focusing on significant M&A’s, as well as heavy investment from companies like Microsoft due to expanding cloud and AI services.


Potential deals such as Telkom Indonesia’s stake sale and NEC’s Japan data centre sale highlight market dynamics. Moreover, investors like Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs are actively pursuing opportunities, recognising data centres’ critical role in supporting AI-driven applications.


NST work closely with key partners in the Data Centre industry, proudly supporting talent acquisition within a rapidly growing and competitive global environment.


If you’re looking to discuss support for regional expansion of technical and/or operational teams, reach out to our consultants to discuss!


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